Crusades Project

This page will be converted into a Crusades Photo Gallery page early in 2014.
(Last updated January 17, 2014)

I was going to try to be organized and diligent in keeping track of what is required to finish my 15mm Crusades period armies to a satisfactory level. I have mostly failed at this (the documenting part), but despite periods of inactivity I am making progress towards my original goal. At a high level, the overall scope of the project is this:
  • Re-base standard WRG sized bases to Impetus style bases for use with Day of Battle; The Middle Ages and/or Impetus. One additional benefit to doing this is that it will stretch the existing painted figures into more units as less figs will be required when based this way.
  • Figure out where I have figure gaps that need filling. Order those figures and get them painted.
  • Have enough desert-style terrain to play a medium sized game. I already have Old Glory's 15mm Crusader castle and a good number of middle eastern buildings painted and complete. Inventory and see what else I need. Some additional palm tree type terrain may be needed, although I do have some completed.
The end goal of the project is to have enough figures and terrain to play medium-largish battles with a variety of troop types. I want enough flexibility to have a core of Crusader and Saracen armies with enough different allies or add-ons to keep things interesting.

Having failed at the "diary" format, I will track my progress by creating a gallery for this period and adding to it as I am able.

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