Friday, April 8, 2016

Spring Goldfinches

I'm not sure why this year and no other years that I can remember, but as it has warmed up this spring, I suddenly have swarms of goldfinches perching on my home office windows, and pecking at the glass. Odd. But nice.
Goldfinch friends

They are numerous, persistent, and don't scare off easily.
Close up...

At one point a couple days ago I had 5 at one time. Very odd indeed...

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Double Rainbow

Twice in the last couple of weeks following evening rain showers, we have had beautiful double rainbows in almost exactly the same spot. Here is today's. There was a brief moment when it was a triple, but I don't think I caught it at the right moment despite many pictures. There may still be a hint of a third at top, or that may be wishful thinking.
Double Rainbow behind the house

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Spring Geocaching

It's spring, the trees are budding, things are greening up, and that means it is time for me to have my annual burst of geocaching energy. Between some finds in New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania in the last couple of weeks, I have reached 1172 finds, and have now filled in 295 dates on the 366 date calendar. Sure, most of this was accomplished in 2010-2011, but hey, I'm making progress. Slowly.

More often than not, I get a few caches these days when either further from home, or when one or both of my girls are willing to go out and get a few with me. Julia is sitting at 225, and Grace is now at about 220 (give or take a few).
LittleCacherG up in a tree

The things that makes me want to grab a few caches more than anything is the desire to get out in the woods for a walk now that the weather has warmed up. My favorite kind of caches are the ones that will force me to get my lazy butt out onto a trail (however modest) and put a little effort into finding them. Or at least a short walk anyway...

Goals for 2016...modest. Get past 1200, maybe even 1250. Cross another 15-20 dates off the calendar. Clear out the newer ones that have cropped up near home. Have fun doing it. In other words, simple but achievable goals.