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Hundred Years War miniatures (c. 1350-1415)
Last edited or added to on February 23, 2014 [added my entire French army]
Figures are all 25mm Old Glory and painted by me except where noted.

This page will catalog my Hundred Years War Collection. Most figures are from the earlier end of the period, coming from the Old Glory "Crecy and Poitiers" range, with a few from the later "Agincourt" range. The only real differences are that the Agincourt figures tend to have slightly more modern looking armor, and more of it (beginning to transition toward the Wars of the Roses look).

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English leaders - A variety of figures from Personality, Mounted command and Mounted Knight packs from both ranges. I am especially proud of the Black Prince figure. I didn't spend a ton of time on him, but I certainly attempted more in the way of heraldry than I normally would. While the detail of the lions and the fleur de lis are stylized, it still looks great on the table given that the figure is only about two inches tall. [1/16/14]
English leaders and banners

Edward of Woodstock, the "Black Prince", Prince of Wales, Duke of Cornwall, Prince of Acquitane and heir to the English throne. If you want to be picky about it, Edward's royal arms of England are "differenced" by the white blazon as shown on his horse trappings. The shield he carries as well as the banner should have the same white blazon. So, technically, what you see here is the Black Prince riding his own horse, carrying his father's (King Edward III's) shield, and being followed by the King's banner. Oh well. [Edward would pre-decease his father and never become king]. [1/16/14]
The Black Prince and banner

English (or generic) leaders

French Leaders - Like the English above, these are a mix of figures from the Personalities, Mounted Command and Mounted Knights packs. The plain red flag is the Oriflamme, the royal standard of the French kings that is only trotted out for special occasions. [1/17/14]
French single figure leaders and banners

French Mounted Leaders (Poitiers) - When I began collecting this period, I tailored my troops to the battle of Poitiers. So in addition to generic singly based leaders, I painted a number of unit command stands for various leaders, some mounted and some on foot. Below are the French mounted command bases for King Jean and Marshal Arnoul Audrehem, complete with proper heraldry and banners (although I guess you could add a few hundred tiny fleur de lis on King Jean's horse, like on the banner...). [1/17/14]
Marshal Audrehem and King Jean

French mounted knights - Eight stands, plus Audrehem and the King already shown above. These are a mix of the capraisoned and non-caprisoned horse bags, and have some command figures mixed in.
French knights

French dismounted knights - Thirty-five stands of dismounted knights. You need a lot of these for Poitiers... The bases are a mix of command figures as well as the two different dismounted knight packs (short lances and hand weapons). The short cut-down lance figures are nice, but they don't rank well with the other figures. Most of these were painted by me, but a few command figures were in a batch of other stuff painted in Sri Lanka by Fernando Enterprises, and about 20 figures were purchased painted off eBay (something I rarely do).
French dismounted knights

French pavisier heavy spearmen - Eighteen stands of heavy spearmen with large pavise shields (4 figures per stand). I have another bag of these prepped and ready to paint, so those 30 figures, when complete, will make another eight stands if I add a couple command figures. These were painted in Sri Lanka by Fernando Enterprises.
French pavisier spearmen

French militia infantry - Nine stands of French/Spanish militia infantry (4 figures per stand). These figures are brighter than they should be, and really shouldn't be carrying shield with any heraldry on them, but what the heck... I have another bag of these in stock, which would make another nine stands.
French militia infantry

French (Breton) light infantry - Eight stands of Breton bideaux light infantry (3 figures per stand). These were painted in Sri Lanka by Fernando Enterprises.
Breton bideaux

French crossbows - Two larger Impetus style bases of crossbowmen with pavise shields, recently painted (Feb 2014). To add quantity of crossbowmen for games, I use the generic crossbowmen from my early medieval collection (of which I have lots). I have another 20 figures of these primed and ready to paint, which would make two more units like this.
French crossbows

French skirmishers - Six stands. These bases are a mix of Breton bideaux and Spanish javelin light infantry figures leftover from making French and Spanish light infantry stands. These were painted in Sri Lanka by Fernando Enterprises.
French skirmishers

More to come...

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