Saturday, November 27, 2010

Longwood Gardens - Nutcracker 1776

After the events of the previous week, everyone in the family was looking for something to do to take our minds off of things, and Amparo found something that she knew the kids would enjoy - a ballet show at Longwood Gardens. We had not been yet this year since they set up the Christmas displays, so this would be a perfect time to go and check out all the usual decorations in addition to seeing the dance.

The dance show was comprised of a number of individual routines selected from a performance of the Nutcracker 1776 by the students of the Rock School, a local school of dance. Nutcracker 1776 is apparently a version of the Nutcracker set in Philadelphia during the Revolution. I'm not quite sure why there needs to be a version of the Nutcracker set in Philadelphia, but... ok. The performances were highlights taken from the complete show, with maybe 12 different numbers of 2 to 3 minutes in length. Many of these students were very talented, and the girls did enjoy it a lot. At approximately 40 minutes in total, it was just enough for them to enjoy without getting bored, so in that respect it was perfect.

No visit to Longwood is complete without a general stroll around, but on this particular Saturday, there wasn't too much strolling around outside that anyone wanted to do. It was cold to begin with, and the wind was once again whipping across the hilltop between the entrance and the Conservatory, as it often does.

Before heading home after a relatively brief but satisfying visit, we did wander the main Conservatory building, which was as impressive as ever. My only quibble was that this year the main pointsettia displays were mostly of that pale whitish-pink variety that I am seeing everywhere this year. Call me a tradionalist, but give me the red any day.

This is one of the great things about having a season pass for the family - single visits to Longwood aren't the cheapest thing in the world for a family, but when you aren't paying every time you go, you can be content to go for just an hour or two and don't feel like you need to stay all day to get your money's worth. Pricey or not though, anybody who hasn't seen Longwood at Christmas is missing something special.

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