Monday, January 2, 2012

Fiction Reading Recap - 2011

This will be a necessarily brief post. Over the past few years, I have consistently read at least a couple dozen fiction books, and posted short reviews of most of them here. I had some goals for this year that were very reasonably in line with what I had managed recently. But pretty much none of that happened.

In prior years I had read 25-35 books. This year I think I read 4 (not counting a few fluff books, to be a snob about it...). I am not even going to bother to go back and look, the number is so paltry. There are some caveats around this precipitous drop in output. For one thing, I read quite a few short stories this year, both in magazines and in story collections, but since most of those were not part of finishing an entire book, I do not count them. And in general, I did read plenty, just not fiction. This year I got back to reading way more history than I had read in the prior few years. These I don't generally keep track of or write reviews of (though I am not sure why not...).

The one fiction reading goal that I definitely got an A+ in was the one about not buying ridiculously more books than I read. I read very few books. And I only bought a few more than that. So I got something right...

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