Friday, March 16, 2012

Good News, Bad News

or... My Wallet May Never Be the Same
As a dedicated Foodie and fairly serious recreational cook, I was pretty pleased when I heard last year that the empty supermarket space less a mile from my house was going to be turned into a Whole Foods Market. Delay after delay kept pushing back the opening date, but after months of waiting, it finally opened a couple days ago.

I knew what to expect, having shopped at them when visiting in-laws who used to live in Providence, but this is the first one anywhere close enough to home to be a threat. And I mean threat in a good way. I am a huge fan of Whole Foods. I love their selection of fresh food and healthy prepared foods. They have a cheese section unlike any other around (my motto is "cheese makes everything better"). Fresh veggie selection is fantastic. I am not a hard core organic guy by any means, but I do respect what they have built themselves to be. But practically speaking this all comes with a price. Hence the threat. My wallet may never be the same.

I went into the store today for the first time to get things for dinner. I wanted to buy everything. I never wanted to have to leave. I exercised what I would consider to be remarkable restraint. But still...

If Pennsylvania weren't so screwed up with the "state store" liquor monopoly and they were allowed to carry wines, it would be heaven. Or more heaven than it already is.

So... Good news. We have a Whole Foods. Bad news.... Keep Eric out of the Whole Foods. At least some of the time.

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