Sunday, May 6, 2012

Painting Table - Medieval "Red" Knights

It seems like no matter what else I am painting (and I have been busy lately), I always enjoy sneaking a few more knights into the mix every now and then. I enjoy the liberty I can take in painting them however I want, and adding in as much detail as I feel like. Over the last week or so, while working on some Vampire Counts fantasy figures and some Lord of the Rings Rohan stuff, I knocked these out very quickly. They aren't the best painting I can do by any means, but they are a serviceable quality unit to bulk up my generic medieval armies. I would generally paint a unit of knights like this to have every one unique, but part of the exercise for this unit was to see how fast I could do a decent job while using one consistent color scheme with only minor variation. The answer is... I can do this very quickly. Quickly enough that there is another unit of knights parked by the side of my work area waiting to be tackled for when the mood strikes.
"Red" knights (Old Glory 25mm)
I just need to add a banner on the banner pole at right, and finish the bases.

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