Sunday, July 22, 2012

Vampire Counts - Crypt Ghouls

I've been painting a pretty good amount over the last month or so, but I have been very lax about posting anything. I took a handful of pictures of samples of what I have been working on, and will put up a few separate posts today.

First up - fantasy stuff. This is somewhat rare for me, but as I indicated previously, I admire the Games Workshop / Citadel miniatures for what they are, and like painting something completely different every now and then. This is a unit of 10 crypt ghouls for my probably-never-to-be-completed-or-used-for-anything Vampire Counts army. These were also an opportunity for me to try some different techniques. Because of the sickly green tone I was going for, I primed these with "necrotic flesh" light green spray primer, washed them with several different shades of darker greens and browns, and then painted some detail over top of that (mainly the white bone). These went quickly, and proved to be a very efficient way to plow through this unit. I like the result very much for these rank-and-file troops. After taking the picture I cleaned up a few more details, and still need to finish the bases, but these are substantially done.

One comment on plastic kits in general, versus the metal that has been standard in our hobby for a very long time: these things take a lot of time to prep for painting. Metal figs hold fine detail much better, are quicker to prep, and have that "heft" in the hand that I miss with plastic. The plastic takes a lot more time to clean the mold lines properly, and there is more assembly. The upside is that with a relatively small range of starting components, the ability to interchange heads, arms, legs, weapons and accessories means that a wider variety of figures can be made compared to metal. Good, bad or indifferent, more and more manufacturers and ranges are moving this way, so I guess I'd better get used to it.

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