Thursday, April 4, 2013

March Miniatures Progress Update

A few weeks ago I posted an entry on my hobby goals for the remainder of March and April. To keep myself on track, I'll take a brief look back at what I have accomplished against those goals. All in all I am happy with what I have gotten done, and think I will be where I want to be by April month end.
  • Decisions have been made. 15mm Napoleonics will be based per the Age of Eagles basing scheme. This can also be used for Shako or a number of other rules sets. I do have an interest in skirmish gaming so I will take at least some of the decent-sized armies that I have for Vikings and Saxons and rebase them for skirmish. I can use these figs for Saga, Chris Parker's upcoming skirmish system, or simple home brewed rules I am toying around with. This is a great period for skirmish gaming, I have lots of figures, and I never seem to use them for larger battle games, so a re-purposing may help these figures see the light of day. I have also been wanting to try Saga, but didn't have anything based for it. With only a little work, now I will...
  • Bases for the Napoleonics and the skirmish mounted 25mm figs were ordered from Litko in mid-March, and arrived in the mail today.
  • Crusades 15mm - All figures have been stripped from their old bases. Ten or twelve new bases have been created since the last update, including everything necessary to play the first battle in my campaign, as noted in an earlier post. The units for this game still need cosmetic finishing work, but I could play with them now if I wanted.
  • The large trees have been based and the bases painted. They only need flocking and cosmetic finishing to be complete. They are usable now.
  • The hedge/hedgerow project is complete. I now have approximately 22 linear feet of hedgerow.
Still to be completed (or substantial progress made) in April:
  • Make a final decision on what to send to Sri Lanka for painting and get the order underway.
  • Lots of bases to "green flock".
  • Crusades project progress - more units to be completed...
  • Buildings to paint.
  • Flag Dude flags to order.
I also need to begin thinking about May/June goals.

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