Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another Middle School "last"

As is the case any time a child moves from one school to another, or reaches a milestone of any sort, there is that inevitable parental recognition of "this is the last time my Baby....." We had another one of those moments tonight with Julia's final 8th grade chorus concert. Next year it will be high school...

The concert itself was very nice, and as the kids continue to get older, the quality of the music gets better and better. What we heard tonight was a quantum leap forward from where these same kids were four or five years ago. And they will only continue to improve.

The best part of the evening by far though was when the singing was done. A tradition in the spring concert, started by the chorale director years ago and continued every year since then, is that she presents each graduating 8th grader with a flower to take down into the audience to give to their parents in recognition of the support that the parents have given to the children. After the director explained the tradition and what was about to happen, she turned back to the kids and specifically searched out Julia to give the first flower to. Julia then made her way down off the stage. Upon reaching the floor of the auditorium, Julia stumbled while searching the audience for us, dropped her flower, and subsequently stepped on it. She picked up the two pieces of her broken red carnation, threw back her head, and loudly groaned "awwww", drawing quite a laugh from the audience. In its own sweet way, this could not have been a more perfect way for my little angel to get a flower to her Mommy. I am not at all embarrassed to say that I had tears running down my cheeks as Julia finally did manage to make her way to Amp and present her with the shattered remnants of that beautiful red flower.

I know there will many more wonderful moments to come, but it is also a good thing to bask in the warmth of these bittersweet "lasts" as the occur...

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