Sunday, December 29, 2013

Deathknell Watch

Front-ish view
The other thing I have been working on painting in brief spurts over the holidays has been the Games Workshop fantasy building "Deathknell Watch". This is a nice little tower building, and unlike just about everything else by Games Workshop these days, is reasonably priced and a good value. But that's a rant for a different day (when I am feeling a lot angrier...).

I assembled this kit sometime earlier this year, primed it black, and then stuck it in a box while I moved on to other things. But like with the WW2 buildings posted about yesterday, I wanted to make some progress on something during the holidays in spare moments, and buildings are easy.

I painted this in a total of perhaps two hours, but it is hard to tell exactly since it was done in a bunch of 15 or 20 minute sessions scattered over a period of a week or so. It is painted in the same color scheme as the one on the box cover, with tan stone mixed with some more orange-ish pieces. Other stone trim work is in light gray. Like the WW2 buildings, this was again mainly an exercise in dry brushing with a large flat brush (multiple layers of color, dark to light), then some washes, then some final lighter dry brushing for highlights and to tie everything together. Simple.

As to whether I will ever use this for anything remains to be seen, but it does fit in with my Empire and Vampire Counts odds and ends (for which I complete maybe one or two units per year).
Stairs and catwalk to upper story door

If nothing else, it was fun to work on and is one less unpainted thing lying around the house. And I could always sell it on eBay. Nah.

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