Friday, October 31, 2014

Halloween 2014

Grace still loves dressing up for Halloween, and Julia still likes candy, so last night was a fun one for the girls.

Grace was Bellatrix, the crazy evil wizardess from the Harry Potter movies, and Julia was (you guessed it) a big blue M&M.
Crazy and Candy

As usual, they loved the idea of carving pumpkins until the time came to actually do the work. So after a week and a half of cajoling, I carved a couple pumpkins very quickly by myself at 4:00 this afternoon. Grace wanted a Harry Potter lightning bolt, Julia wanted a scary face. As I told them, if you won't help, you get simple pumpkins. Very simple. I do still enjoy carving. Next year I'll just give up on the girls and carve them myself earlier.

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