Friday, June 3, 2016

Junior Prom

While I'm catching up on stuff I should have blogged about, I did mention proms, right?

Julia attended her junior prom on April 22, in a group with a bunch of her friends from the Drama Club.
All of my girls and Julia's best friend and guardian angel

One senior friend, Emily, came over just to do her hair and makeup.
Julia and her senior buddies

Another senior friend, Carly, drove her and went with her.
Some of the Drama Club gang

Of all places, her junior prom was at Springfield Country Club, in the town where I grew up. Go figure...
And again...

She had an absolute blast, and I will be forever grateful to the seniors who took the time to participate in her special day, and make it one that she will always remember.

Time goes by much too fast.

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