Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Grace's Room

Last year, Julia's room got a makeover. This year it's Grace's turn.

She has been wanting to move from her current room at the top of the stairs nearest us (and the hall bath), to what is now Amp's sewing room at the far end of the hall. The main thing being that she doesn't like the wallpaper in her room, but it is in perfectly good condition and we have no interest in removing/replacing or removing and doing enough clean up work on the walls for them to be painted.
Cutting in walls and ceiling

Over Memorial Day weekend I repainted the room, and on Tuesday we moved her furniture while she was back in school. The hardest part was the prep work, especially in the case of a room like this where I had newly put up crown molding. Lots of spackling, sanding and caulking. That was done the previous weekend and in the evenings.
Finished colors

Grace chose a light peach color that looks very nice. Most importantly, she is happy with it.
Looking well-lived in already, days later

The room is slightly smaller than her old room, but it has a small walk in closet that gives her a lot more storage space than she had before. It's also on the sunny side of the house and is one of the warmer rooms in the house, compared to her old room which is on the shady side and is one of the cooler rooms. She's always chilly, so she likes this.

Next is the master bedroom re-do, which I am already doing the prep work on.

Then my office.


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