Monday, June 12, 2017


Graduation for our high school's class of 2017 was held today at 4pm at the Bob Carpenter Center at the University of Delaware. Julia will continue to go to the high school as a "super senior" until she turns 21, at which time she will transition to a work programs run by the county. But in the meantime, she got to walk with her class, have her name called, go up on stage and get a "diploma".
Julia walking in

It was a hot day outside, but fortunately they had the arena chilled to refrigerator-like temperatures in anticipation of the crowd to come. There were a few songs by the orchestra and chorus as the crowd was filing in, and then the march in music for our ~400 seniors.
Class of 2017

There were brief remarks by the district superintendent and chairperson of the school board, followed by the reading of the 400 names, at which time the students filed across the stage to get their diplomas. The students were organized into the seats by height, not by name, with the order going from shortest to tallest. Odd, but whatever. This did have the effect of making you pay attention to where your kid was so you didn't miss the photo op of the big moment. Julia was in the second row out of about 14 or 15 rows, so we had to pay attention for a brief time, and could then sit back, relax, and cheer whenever we heard a name we knew.
My graduate and my girls

Following that, there were brief speeches by the salutatorian (a.k.a runner-up valedictorian) and valedictorian, closing remarks, and then it was over. Coincidently, the salutatorian was the son of a woman I went to high school with (1 year apart). She is someone that Amp has become good friends with as part of her time doing costumes for the plays, and being associated with the Drama Club folks. Small world. Although I guess not really that small since I grew up and went to high school maybe 10 miles down the road.
Gina, Grace and Julia

The whole thing took about and hour and a half, of which an hour was the name reading and diploma giving...

It was a joy-filled day, and I couldn't possibly be more proud of Julia and what she has been able to accomplish in her high school years. She has come a very long way, and best of all, is a happy and well adjusted young lady. She has had many great experiences, and made many good friends.

We are very proud of her.

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