Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day of Departure

or, What Have I Gotten Myself Into?
The Pinchot Trail Chronicle, part 5

I'm packed, packed again, and then packed again. There's nothing left to be done now. I'll be heading to Dave's house to pick him up in a few minutes. We will be geocaching a bit along the way so that I can get as many of the counties in the northeastern part of the state as possible. That should be terrific fun in its own right.

The weather forecast in the hour-by-hour on isn't great. Starting late tonight there is a decent chance of thunderstorms off and on straight through until the wee hours of Tuesday morning. In other words, the entire day of our bigger 14-mile day on Monday. Oh well. Hopefully, we will get a scattered shower and nothing more. It doesn't matter, I am mentally prepared and will have fun no matter what. Fun no matter what. Fun no matter what...

To say that I am excited would be the understatement of the year. It feels a bit like Christmas morning.

Lots of pictures and writeups to follow.

Bon voyage!

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