Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sassafras River Fishing - June 22, 2010

This post comes a bit out of order, but the lead up to the backpacking trip pushed everything else out of the way for a while. On Tuesday June 22, my friend Maryellen brought her boys down to the River for an afternoon of fishing, like we had done later last summer.

The fishing wasn't quite as good this time around, especially since the day we did this last August was one of the best fishing days down there in recent memory, with a non-stop string of decent sized catfish all day long. Today, we were catching mainly white perch and bluegill sunfish, with a few catfish thrown in for good measure, but nothing of exceptional size.

Nathan and Jack wetting a line. Jack took the prize for most fish caught. Nathan didn't catch his first fish for a while, much to the amusement of his brothers, but did end up with a respectable handful of fish by the time the day was done.

Sam had the largest fish of the day, a channel catfish that he caught on a little Mepps spinner lure. Odd... catfish don't generally take lures, but I guess this one was bored.

What's a day on the water without food and drinks. For that matter, what's anything without food and drinks.

The gang hard at work.

A very nice afternoon, which I hope we can do again before the kids go back to school.

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