Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dakotas Trip Planning Update

It's been a month to the day since my last post on our trip planning. Many little details have been taken care of in the interim, such as motel selection and reservations, narrowing down hike ideas, and the like. Last night Ted, Leo, Dave and I got together at my house on the flimsy excuse of needing to do some additional planning, which was true, but was just as much an excuse to get together to grill some steaks and have a nice dinner.

The only major logistical detail to be decided on was where we were going to stay for the two nights we would be in the Harney Peak area of Custer State Park in SD. There are a few campground options in the area. We settled on the Sylvan Lake campground after poking around on the internet for a little while, and were able to make online reservations for two campsites for two nights each. We then spent some time talking about hike options and other things, but spent just as much time talking about everything else.

By the time the gathering broke up and everyone headed home, I think I can honestly say that we have nothing of substance left to plan. All major logistical details have been worked out; everything that can be reserved has been. A couple campgrounds are first come first served, so there's nothing else we can do about those but show up. Other details will depend on what we feel like at the moment in question, so there's nothing to be done there either.

Now we just wait impatiently for four and a half months and try to fit in some smaller hikes around here between now and then. And wait

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