Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fishing, Again

It's the end of May already, and we had not been down to the River yet this year, but we fixed that today. We were able to get down and spend the afternoon fishing, with Grace again catching the first fish of the year, and the most fish. I think she did that last year too. It is becoming a tradition.

We had a nice warm day, and the fishing was decent but not great, with the usual assortment of perch, sunfish and catfish. There was a decent amount of boat traffic on the river kicking up wakes, and that always makes fishing off the bulkhead less productive.

It is an amusing experience fishing with the girls; they have limited attention spans, and do like to fish, but will spend much of the time wandering back and forth between holding a pole and various other endeavors. When I am not taking fish off and baiting hooks I think I spend the rest of my time holding poles for them.

I can't complain though, as I love to fish and should be very happy that my girls have any interest in it at all. I get a great amount of enjoyment out of watching them play, whatever it is that they are doing, whether fishing or just running around the yard. They will not be young forever, and are growing up at an alarming rate. I hope these days continue as long as possible.

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