Friday, May 20, 2011

The South Will Rise Again! (Tomorrow, actually...)

It looks like four of us (Leo, Dave, Ryan and myself) will be getting together for a game tomorrow night. We were bouncing a few emails back and forth deciding what to play, and the consensus was a Fire and Fury game since we all know it well, and since my ACW figures and terrain were left on the table since our game back in early April.

I figured it would be easy enough to move the terrain around a bit, recast the scenario, change a few things, and have at it again. So I went down to the basement a few minutes ago to look at the table and remembered something - we were right in the middle of a very good game where the outcome was still very much in the balance. This makes my set up work very easy; I'm not changing a thing. We will pick up right where we left off, at the 11:30am turn, with the Confederate attack in full swing and the Union attempting to hold on while reinforcements arrive.

The players will be a little different, but it shouldn't matter, and this way we get to finish this game. A half dozen or so posts back in early April detailed the game to this point. In the near future I will be posting the remainder of the game. So tomorrow (on what is apparently the last day of the world according to some), we shall grill burgers, uncork a bottle or three of good wine and then let slip the dogs of war. If the world does end tomorrow, I think that would be a fitting way for me to go...

[Update as of this evening: Leo, Ryan, Dave, Anthony and I are confirmed, which means we have all of the original players except swapping out Leo for Ryan's friend Mike. It should be a good game tomorrow...]

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