Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Kitchen - Day 2 (7/26)

Today: I am amazed at how much progress was made in one day. The demolition of the soffits was completed, and those areas of wall and ceiling have been drywalled, taped, and mudded. Additional sanding and skim coats are needed, but the configuration of the walls and ceilings is complete. The hardwood flooring was installed in most of the main kitchen area as well as half of the walk-in pantry. In addition, lot of electrical work was accomplished, which included on-the-spot decisions on location of many switches, outlets and light fixtures. Now is the time to make all the little tweaks that we have always wished we could do, like moving phone jacks around.

Tomorrow: Day 3 will see the completion of the hardwood floor in all areas but the laundry room, more work on the drywall and some additional electrical. The biggest thing will be the cabinets starting to go in. The base cabinets should all be placed, and depending on how the drywalling goes, some uppers may be put in places as well. The drywall work is messy and dusty, but our contractors are doing a pretty good job of containing the mess. Tomorrow it should begin to look a little like a kitchen again.

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