Thursday, July 28, 2011

Kitchen - Day 4 (7/28)

Today: The remainder of the cabinets have been installed and the last sections of hardwood flooring completed. The ongoing string of electrical work continues as well. Having the upper cabinets in finally gives us a really good idea of exactly what the finished kitchen will look like. I like it very much so far.

Tomorrow: Appliances get delivered and roughly put into place. Plumbing work that needs to occur after the granite and marble countertops get installed will prevent the gas range and the dishwasher from being hooked up. Without a sink, we will not have a truly functional kitchen, although we will be able to do some things. The microwave will allow us to warm things up at home, and we can grill outside if we want to. Soon we will be into a 2-week waiting period for the granite countertops to be manufactured and installed. Tomorrow afternoon I leave for eight days in the Dakotas, but as of now there will be very little that happens while I am gone.

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