Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Day at the Circus

Julia had gone to the Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus this past Thursday evening with a youth group from the Mary Campbell Center. She loved it, came home all excited, and begged Amp and I to take the whole family this weekend before it left town. So that's what we did.

We got four tickets for the 3pm matinee show this afternoon. We got best available seats, which turned out to be one section over and the same row from where Amp and I had Flyers season tickets for 4 years (3 of them in this building).

The show was very similar to what I remember the last time we went several years ago. Clowns, many different kinds of acrobatic acts, lions and tigers, elephants, more acrobatics, trained dogs and cats, and more acrobatics. Two of the more interesting things were me were the horse riding acrobatics and a motorcycle stunt where they had as many as 8 little motorcycles riding around simultaneously inside a small metal spherical cage.

I think we all enjoyed ourselves, to a point, although we liked different parts of it. Amp and I liked the acrobatics and the stunts. In that respect it was a little bit like the kind of thing you see at a Cirque de Soleil show. The kids liked some of that, but liked the animal tricks. That part I could for the most part have done without. Training cats and dogs to do all sorts of wacky stunts is one thing (and that part was entertaining), but I have no interest whatsoever in seeing majestic wild animals like lions, tigers and elephants roll over and pay dead on command, or jump around on little stools. Something about that strikes me as wrong. Or at least unnecessary. And that is without even getting into the whole discussion of whether the animals are treated well or not. The protesters outside every show with their gruesome pictures would have you believe the animals are virtually tortured. I hope that is not true.

One way or another, I don't think we will be going back to the circus anytime soon. It was ok, but we have now done it twice with the kids, and twice is enough for me. And I don't think the kids loved it so much that they will be pushing hard to go again. But you never know...

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