Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Geocaching

I haven't done much geocaching in the last few months, and written about it even less, but today was a "must do" in terms of getting a cache, if at all possible. I suspect there are a great many geocachers out there who felt the same way. I am not aggressively going after filling as many empty dates on the calendar as possible, but I am adding a few here and there. Since I began caching less than two years ago, this is my first Leap Day opportunity, and if I failed to get a find today my next opportunity would be in 2016. I hope to be a lot closer to filling in my calendar by then. As it turns out, my having been mostly inactive for a while means that I had a number of newer cache hides that looked like they would be easy to get. With rain  forecast for the afternoon, I decided to stop for one on the way to work. It was as easy as expected, and so with very little effort, I get to check Leap Day off my list...

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