Friday, June 22, 2012

Adirondacks Day 3 (B) - Fri 6/22/12

Part 7, After Marcy

After getting back to camp a little after noon, Leo and I rest for a while to cool down, and then eat lunch of the sandwiches we packed for the hike. We putter around camp for a while, and I go and get a shower. Getting the grime and sweat off makes me feel better, but despite only having gotten as far as we did, I am still weary.

2:00pm (ish) - No sign of the others yet, and it is a nice quiet afternoon now, so I decide to lie down in the tent and see if I can doze off for a short nap. I slip in and out of a light sleep, but never drop off completely.

2:30pm (ish) - I hear the others come back into camp, but am only half awake, so I decide to lie in the tent for a few more minutes before getting up to see how the rest of their hike went.

4:20pm - I open my eyes to the sound of the guys moving around camp and laughing about something, so I get up and go join them. It turns out that my short nap turned into a two hour plus snooze, but I do feel refreshed (if still leg weary). By now everyone else has showered and cleaned up as well. They are tired but very happy, having summited Marcy in beautiful weather, enjoying the views from the summit  and basking in their accomplishment. (I will link to Dave's blog entry here when he finishes writing it...). I am happy for them, as they have met their long-stated goal of revenge on Marcy.

The remainder of the afternoon and evening are spent in camp, relaxing, talking, drinking and doing nothing in particular. One of the discussion topics that comes up is regarding possible destinations for the 2013 trip, but more on that later.

Late in the afternoon, a French Canadian couple shows up at the downhill campsite next door (#11) and begins unpacking a lot of gear. In addition to bringing out everyone's faux-French accent for the remainder of the trip, some of the gang (me not included) get a cheap thrill when the woman (quite attractive I might add) decides to give a peep show while changing in their tent with the door open. There is much joy in this, and possibly a couple minor cases of whiplash. Boys will be boys.

6:00pm - Leo begins making a fire to cook dinner on, which we eat at around 8pm. Dinner consists of hamburgers and hot dogs, with grilled onions and peppers on the side, plus corn on the cob. It's another simple dinner that tastes great made and eaten in this setting. The mood is good, with the guys happy about the day. Dave plays. We talk. We have a few drinks. Life is good.

Being that it is a Friday evening in the summer, it is very definitely getting more crowded as the day goes on, with more and more campsites and parking spaces filling up. The majority of the people we hear talking are speaking French, and the majority of license plates are from Quebec. Another couple arrives in the fading light and sets up camp at #8, next door uphill.

10:00pm (ish) - Dave and I head to bed. After today, tomorrow is planned to be an easy day with nothing specific on tap.

Next... An Easy Day

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