Sunday, June 2, 2013

Making Myself Useful

It's not the most glamorous chore in the world, and isn't hobby related (for sure), but Amp and I have spent the better part of two or three days over the past two weekends completely re-doing the garage. As with probably most people who have been in the same house for sixteen years (can it possibly be sixteen years?!), we have accumulated way too much stuff, a lot of which in turn has ended up in the garage.

So in good spring cleaning tradition, the task at hand became purge, clean and re-organize. The purging and cleaning part was easy; the re-organizing part was a little more involved. Re-organizing involved dismantling some overhead hanging racks, removing a potting bench along the side wall, taking down some crappy old hanging bars for tools and such, and replacing it all with nice new (and sadly expensive) modular heavy duty shelving and hanging space. The goal was pretty simple; keep as much off the floor in permanently available storage space as possible.

At the risk of boring myself and anyone else, here's the (nearly) end result. We still have a few of these things in the picture to dispose of, but have pretty much met our goal of very little on the floor. Yard tools on the right, kids stuff hanging on the left, and everything else (like outdoor Christmas decor etc) on the shelves on the back wall.

There is a little purging left to do, and some empty storage containers to figure out what to do with, but for the most part the goal has been met admirably. The only downside that I can see is that after a couple of years of being asked to do this, I might now have to do something else useful...

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