Monday, June 3, 2013

Stop and Smell the Roses

We love to go to Longwood Gardens as a family and wander the grounds at all different times of year, admiring the seasonal plants, flowers and displays. I have taken a lot of pictures of beautiful flowers there over the years. As I was wandering around outside today I was reminded (again) how many beautiful flowers I can see at this time of year without ever leaving home.

Amp has spent a lot of time and effort over the years trying different designs and combinations of things that will both look nice and stand up to the deer fairly well. This year we have pinks, reds and purples in the front...
Front foundation beds

...and in the back, on the deck, we have primarily purples and whites.
Deck baskets

We have had a very wet spring, and it shows in the way the flowers have just taken off.
Deck containers

It's fair to say that I didn't inherit Dad's green thumb and love of gardening. He could spend hours upon hours working in the gardens and the flower beds just for the sheer love of the effort. So can Amp (and she does).
Evergreens and under-plantings

But while it is true that I do not enjoy the work of gardening all that much, I certainly can appreciate the results.
A splash of red

I'm pretty sure Amp is convinced that I don't even notice all the work that she puts into making the outside of the house look nice. Nothing could be further from the truth. I notice it all the time, and appreciate it very much. I think the outside of our house looks great, and it is all her doing...

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