Sunday, October 6, 2013

Ottoman Progress

We've had a low key weekend with the Wife trying to shake off a cold and some serious congestion, so we didn't stray too far from home (other than Thing 2's first sleep over last night, which went well, at least by the criteria of not receiving the 2am "Daddy I wanna come home" phone call).

Since we did stay close to home, the two main projects were to get the desk refinishing project near completion, and to spend a few hours here and there prepping more figures for the Ottoman Project. I'll spare the pictures until there is something more glamorous to show for my efforts, but the tedious hours spent this weekend were well worth it. Prepping and priming figures isn't a whole lot of fun, but is obviously a necessary part of the process.

This weekend I accomplished the following (all are Old Glory 25mm figs):
  • Finished prepping 10 armored sipahi cavalry (1 bag)
  • Prepped 20 unarmored sipahis (2 bags)
  • Prepped 10 akinji light cavalry (1 bag)
  • Finished prepping 10 Wallachian cavalry (1 bag)
  • Prepped 30 French crossbows (1 bag)
  • Prepped 30 French heavy infantry spearmen (1 bag)
  • Prepped the remnants of an Ottoman high command bag
  • Prepped about 15 voynuk heavy infantry (about half a bag)
  • Prepped the last half bag (12 figs) of armored Ottoman infantry
  • Touched up the black priming on 10 German caparisoned knights and 10 Hungarian knights
After all these figures were assembled, I have begun to prime them. Unarmored figures (sipahis and akinji) will get a brown prime (which is a head start on painting the horses). Everyone else gets a black prime. Metallic armor looks better over a black prime, but for unarmored figures I have started to use a brown prime. I find that the brown gives similar shadowing in the recesses like black does, but is less harsh to paint for my tired old eyes...

I'll post a picture soon, either after I have made some painting progress or at least primed all the figures.

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