Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ottoman Project - Ready to Paint

I have prepped and primed almost everything I have in the way of Ottomans (minus a couple bags of foot), as well as some additional 14th/15th century odds and ends for Ottoman opponents. The foot I haven't primed yet are not absolutely necessary for a small game, so I can deal with those later. Now that everything is laid out in one place, I am able to assess what I need more of, and can put an order together for Old Glory that can be picked up at Fall In in mid-November. I'm not completely sure what this order will be yet, but I could use some additional eastern looking command types, as well as a bag of janissary archers. Other purchases will probably be some not-really-necessary but fun to have things from OG's Vlad the Impaler range. Things like Dellis cavalry and some of the more exotic looking eastern types.
Ottomans at right, opponents to the left

Now all that remains for the moment is painting. Lots and lots of painting...

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