Saturday, March 1, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - Mar 1 - Last of the Knights

When I repainted some of my older German medieval knights last month, I broke apart all the old stands so I could pick which figures I wanted to use first on the new stands I was making. That left me with the last nine of the worst looking ones lying on a tray on the corner of my gaming table. I would much rather be painting Ottoman sipahis right now, but I really don't feel like packing these guys away in a box somewhere to be half forgotten about, so I have decided to dive in and deal with them now.
Group 1

The paint jobs on these guys, the color choices and combinations, the terrible attempts at heraldry and some old chipped paint combine to make these a truly wretched lot. And the pictures make them look even worse than that. After inspecting them, and then taking and seeing the pictures, I actually contemplated throwing them away. That would have dealt with them very quickly. But I can't do that. So I'll be doing a complete and total repaint instead.
Group 2

Step 1 will be to block in new colors on every non-metallic surface. While I am doing that I will decide whether the armor is worth saving by touch up, or whether I need to repaint the metallic bits black and start over from scratch. Or I guess I could always strip them down to bare metal and start over... Hmm.
Group 3

While I am at it I should assemble some brand new lancer figures to add to these. And maybe a leader and banner...

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