Friday, February 28, 2014

The Little Things

The haul (part 1?)
Oftentimes, or perhaps most of the time for that matter, it is the little things in life that make us happy. This weekend (Thursday through Sunday) they are holding an annual used book sale at a mall very close to home. It's a fundraising event for the American Association of University Women, and is a little slice of book-dork heaven that I look forward to every year. They always have a lot of stuff in all sorts of categories scattered all over the mall, and priced very reasonably (most fiction hardbacks $3-5 and trade paperbacks $2-3).

I managed to run over there for a short time last night to go through the fiction section before it got picked over. Given that books probably need to be leaving the house and not entering it, I promised myself (with fingers crossed perhaps) that I would be more...selective..than usual in my buying. I managed to stick to that, and was still very pleased to find a handful of books that I will gladly make room for by thinning the existing herd a bit. The short stack of five hardbacks and three paperbacks pictured cost a total of $26 (5,5,4,3,3,2,2,2).

These are all quality additions. Six of the eight either won or were nominated for major awards, or are by writers who have won major awards for other works. The James Lee Burke "Dave Robicheaux" series novel is a page turner by the only page-turner-author I make it a point to read. The Salzman book is the one flier in the bunch, as I thought the name rang a bell. I guess it did because his books are highly rated on Amazon.

Good stuff. And only nine more inches of shelf space. Ugh.

The real temptation problem is after Saturday night at 6pm and on Sunday morning, when you can buy a paper bag to fill with whatever you want for $5...

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