Sunday, February 23, 2014


DuPont Theater, Wilmington, DE, Saturday February 22, 2014

Stomp at the DuPont Theater
When we went to the DuPont Theater back in December to see the Nutcracker, we checked out the upcoming shows and noticed that Stomp was coming in February. I didn't know much about the show, other that it was a percussion show with people beating on trash cans, etc. Amp thought it would be something that the kids might enjoy, and in the interests of trying to expose them to a wide range of cultural things, we bought tickets.

Yesterday was the day, and we went to the 2pm matinee show. The show lasted and hour and a half, and was mesmerizing both for us and for the girls. To say that the show was about beating on trash cans would hardly do it justice. A cast of eight performers used every imaginable household item to create an amazing sound experience. The list of items used, among other things, included brooms, dust pans and brushes, trash cans and lids, paint cans, lighters, paper bags, cups, plumbing supplies, newspapers, pots, pans, and quite literally the kitchen sink.

Interwoven throughout the show was a very effective interaction with the audience. The cast never spoke, but managed to engage the audience in some periodic clap-along segments, and there was a bunch of running non-verbal jokes that made this more than just a percussion concert.

This was just what we hoped it would be; a very fun experience for the kids and also a good example that there is an immense range of different talents out there in the world.

This show is well worth seeing for anyone, and is excellent for kids.

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