Thursday, February 13, 2014

This is Getting Silly...

Here we go again
We are the midst of our eleventh snowstorm of the season, and this one's a big one. According to official sources we have 11 inches of snow down, and more to come. School was cancelled for the kids yesterday evening, and the way things are going, tomorrow might be iffy as well. We are already beyond the allowed number of snow days, so the kids are losing Spring Break days, or extending into the summer. Grace isn't even happy about the snow due to the walking cast on her left leg, which won't be off for another month.

Apparently the South got pounded with an ice storm as part of this, which means power outages. Hopefully we will avoid that, although at the moment we are getting a mix of snow and freezing rain. With the blessing/curse of modern's still a work day. As long as the power stays on.

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