Thursday, February 13, 2014

Hundred Years War French Crossbows completed

I (mostly) finished the unit of French crossbows last night. As usual, after taking the pictures and looking at them, I see several spots that need touching up, which I will do later tonight. These were nice sculpts, pretty easy to paint, and I'm not laboring on them overly much. It's nice to be able to knock out a new unit in short order, as I tend to have trouble staying focused on tasks without starting something new in the middle. So far in 2014, I have been remarkably "on task" with my painting.

The majority of my Hundred Years War collection is not based on Impetus style bases, but my Ottomans are, so as I move forward I will probably base more units like this.
HYW French crossbows - Front

This unit is 10 figures out of a bag of 30, so I have the figures prepped and primed to make 2 more units like this. I will probably paint the remaining 20 figures in one batch as two units of Italian (Genoese) mercenaries. I will likely make the colors a little more uniform in two blocks of 10 so that they will be easy to pick out on the battlefield.
HYW French crossbows - Back

In the meantime, instead of more crossbows, I have begun working on a small batch of 6 Ottoman light horse. They are already about half done, having been blocked in and washed for shading. This is a unit and a half (3 stands of 2 figures each), and will complete the Ottoman light horse that I have in stock. Next up after these for the Ottoman project would be a horde of primed and ready-to-paint sipahi heavy cavalry.
Ottoman akinji light horse (WIP)

Painting totals for this year so far would be 18 mounted and 10 foot figures (all 25mm). This might not seem like much, but if I could complete a couple of units per month on average throughout the year I would be thrilled.

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