Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hundred Years War - French Crossbowmen

Having finished the batch of knights that have been on the painting table for the better part of the last month, I needed to pick something else to work on. After poking around my "ready to paint" stuff for a little while this morning, I pulled out a unit of 10 French Hundred Years War crossbowmen that had been primed and started (their armor having already been dry brushed). I also have 6 Ottoman akinji light horse and some mounted leaders that were begun a few months back, and they are now on the table as well.

Crossbows - color blocking done
We have had a lazy day today, with Julia in a four hour Les Miserables rehearsal at the high school. I have a long-cooking beef short ribs recipe going, and have been able to get some painting accomplished in 20 and 30 minute spurts throughout the day. As of now, I have been able to get the basic color blocking done on the crossbows, and they are ready to be washed for shading. After that, which should get done today, I will be able to begin highlighting, detailing and cleaning up these figures. If all goes well I should have them done by the end of the week. When finished, they will be based as one unit using Impetus style basing (but in two stands of 5 figures each, with each stand being 60mm wide by 40mm deep).

As I look out the window writing this, it is snowing again. Grace has suggested we do the spoon-under-the-pillow snow trick again, but I have vetoed that idea. I have had enough snow for one year.

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