Sunday, February 23, 2014

French Hundred Years War Army

I finished flocking the last few stands of my French army (something which I really dislike doing), and took pictures of the collection. All pictures have been added to my Hundred Years War Gallery page. The picture below has skirmishers and crossbows in the front rank, heavy spearmen, militia and light infantry in the second rank, dismounted knights in the third rank, and mounted knights and leaders in the back rank. The Gallery has pictures of each troop type.
French Hundred Years War army

This doesn't mean I don't have more unpainted lead lying around for this army, or have no future plans to add to it, but at least as of this moment there is nothing left in a half-done state. Everything is either unpainted, or completely painted, flocked and finished.
Dauphin Charles - fun with heraldry...

I have started looking at my English army, and realize that I have even more unfinished/unflocked bases than I thought. Ugh. Maybe I'll do something else.

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