Saturday, February 22, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - Feb 22 - French HYW Knights

French foot knights with cut-down lances
Rather than start something new this week, I have taken a lesson from the process of cataloging and updating (where necessary) my early medieval collection and have decided to do the same for my Hundred Years War figures. I am starting with the French, knowing that they are closer to being finished than the English....

Step one is to unpack everything and lay it out on the table so that I can remember what I have, and what still needs to be done.

Other than thinking that I could use a few more units of various troop types, I am in pretty good shape as far as the French go. Regarding the troops I have, only some of the dismounted knights are not what could be considered finished. There are maybe twenty stands that need to have their base edges painted, and seven bases that need to be flocked. In addition to that, there are 8-10 stands that could use some painting touch-ups, mainly to repaint some plain brown cut-down lances in brighter colors.
French muster in progress...

As I am writing this Saturday evening, all base edges have been painted, lances repainted, and all that remains is to flock those last few bases. I should have no problem getting that done tomorrow, and then I can begin the English, which require more work (the main issue with the English is that a bunch of these figures were painted in Sri Lanka and then based, but the bases were never finished or flocked - I hate flocking...).

Progress was modest today because the family went to see a matinee of Stomp in Wilmington at the DuPont Theater, which was fantastic, and will be the subject of another post...

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