Saturday, February 15, 2014

Painting Table Saturday - Feb 15 - Ottoman Akinji

Having finished the unit of French crossbowmen, I have moved on to a little group of 6 Ottoman akinji light cavalry that were primed brown and ready to paint. As I was working on these it occurred to me (again) that it would be nice to paint figures with uniforms for a change. It seems that just about everything I paint is a wide mix of colors. It would nice to not be closing and opening jars of paint every 30 seconds. It's tough to get as assembly line going when painting medievals (maybe next I should paint Janissaries!).
Ottoman Akinji light cavalry WIP 2/13/14

I have seven stands (2 figs each) of these already done, so these six figures will make three new stands, bringing my total to ten. That makes 5 units in most rules I play (or dabble with).
Ottoman Akinji light cavalry WIP 2/15/14

We have a fairly busy weekend, including Julia's last cheer competition of the season tomorrow morning in Wilmington, but if I can squeeze in a little time here and there I should be able to get the last bit of detail and shading work done on these to finish them. I hope I can also flock several units that are done but waiting to be flocked before I take their pictures and put them away.

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