Saturday, July 29, 2017

That New Car Smell

As has been the case for each of the past couple of leases, we are nearing the end of the three year lease on Amp's current car (a 2014 CRV), went into the Honda dealership just to check out our options, and drove home three hours later in a new car...
2017 Honda Pilot

They make it very easy. Almost too easy. But we have loved the cars, been happy with the dealership, and needed to get something done by mid-September, so...there's no time like the present...

We went in looking at Pilots, which are a full sized SUV compared to the CRV, which is (I guess) a mid-size SUV. After our previous two Pilots (a 2009 and a 2012), the CRV always seemed small and light. It was a fine vehicle. Perhaps under-powered, but a fine vehicle for what it is.

The Pilot has significantly more cargo space; not an absolute requirement, but nice to have when you need it. It has lots more power. Third row fold-down seating, with comfortable space for 8, as opposed to not-always-comfortable seating for 5 in the CRV. The girls are getting bigger, and so are their friends...

Perhaps most importantly, it is a great peace of mind vehicle for me. One of the great things about the previous two Pilots was that I could rest comfortably in the knowledge that my three girls were in a good heavy tank of a vehicle. The CRV wasn't a tank. Call me silly, but I feel like a good husband and dad to know that my girls are back in a tank. And as long as we continue to frack the heck out of the North American geologic infrastructure (to our own ultimate detriment), gas prices will likely remain manageable.

The new Pilot has a black exterior with a two-tone medium and light gray leather interior. I like leather if for no other reason than that it is easier to keep clean and maintain trade-in value at the end of the lease as compared to cloth seats. Plus it's really nice (hee hee).

Anyway, a nice new ride for Mom and the kids. Yay them.

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