Sunday, December 6, 2009

Miniatures Planning - HYW To Do List

I have everything in-house that I need to complete my base army, I just need to finish some painting and other miscellaneous tasks. Items needing completion:
  • 24 foot hobilars are primed and need painting. This will add 8 stands, or two units of 4.
  • 30 foot men at arms are going into a Fernando order that will go out this week. This will add 10 more stands (I base my foot knights at 3 per stand even though they are close order so that you can see the nice paint jobs better - quirky personal preference...).
  • 20 stands or so worth of archer stakes need to be made as a scratch building project.
  • Base painting and flocking needs to be completed.
  • A few specific banners need to be ordered from the Flag Dude.

From a pure quantity perspective, I should probably have more longbowmen, but I have 20 or so stands of Wars of the Roses militia longbows that can stand in if I need to put together a larger than usual game. Other than the anachronistic helmet here or there, it is hard to notice the difference in figs.

Again, I have everything I need to finish the French, I just need to complete the painting. Needing completion:
  • 30 foot men at arms are going into the Fernando order. With some of the command below, this will add 12 stands, or three units of 4.
  • 10 foot command are going into the Fernando order.
  • 30 pavisier spearmen need to be painted. I'll do these. With 2 command, this will add 8 more stands.
  • 18 or so mounted men at arms need painting. I'll do these as well. Six more stands.
  • Base painting and flocking needs to be completed.
  • A few specific banners need to be ordered from the Flag Dude.

For extra quantity here, I would add more men at arms (foot and mounted) if the mood struck, but they shouldn't be necessary for all but the largest game I would run.

Allied Troops
It's always nice to have an assortment of other troops to be able to add into games for variety beyond just the basic main sides, so to this point I have small contingents of Spanish, Germans and "generics". Needing completion:
  • 4 Spanish jinetes need painting to finish a pack. This will add two more stands.

Beyond this, I don't really need anything else, although I will probably do another pack of Spanish knights to get them 3 more stands and be able to do three units of 2, rather than the simple 3 stands I have now.

As far as buying more figs, if anything I would probably just buy a single pack of this or that (whatever struck my mood) on occasion in order to add a unit or two. This would be a nice position to be in, because it would allow me the flexibility to paint whatever seemed fun at the time rather than painting out of necessity.

Looking at it logically like this, it all seems very manageable, especially given that I am going to be sending out some of the work to contract painters.

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