Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Blizzard of February 2010...Again

Here we go again. It is late morning and we are about 15 hours into the new blizzard. I would guess we have about 8-10 inches on the ground so far, and the worst is supposed to come during the day today before fading out tonight around midnight. We are supposed to get heavier snowfalls in the mid-afternoon, as well as winds gusting above 40 or even 50 mph. As can be seen in the picture below, this is a heavier snow than we got over the weekend, and all of our evergreens are sagging under the weight. This is a concern because once the wind kicks up, trees will come down, and with the trees will come power lines.

The table, chairs and grill cover were bare when this started (and that's a reflection of the kitchen light, not some strange sun...)

It is nice to be safe and warm at home rather than needing to be out in this. The kids are off from school, and I expect that I will end up working half a day and taking half a day off. More to follow.

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