Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Geocaching - Maryland Eastern Shore Roadtrip

My friend Ellen was back up to see her parents and was able to make time to get together for a day of geocaching, so we met in the morning and spent most of the day driving in Maryland and collecting new counties.

It was a very fun day, and a different kind of geocaching than I have done to this point. We didn't find very many caches, but we found them in 6 new counties all up and down the eastern shore, and put about 250 miles on the car doing so. There were also a few DNFs (did not finds) that kept our success rate down. That and the fact that the planning for the trip was left to me. Oops. Probably shouldn't let the new guy plan things... good intentions but not enough experience.

I love the Chesapeake Bay area, and want to get down that way again to get the remaining few eastern shore counties all the way down by Ocean City. Those could probably also be done as part of a more ambitious trip that would cross the Bay Bridge and do the Annapolis area as well.

I also liked the kind of geocaching that we did to day - the road trip. Sometimes going for quantity is fun, but sometimes going for a specific kind of cache can be fun, or in this case, covering some new geography. The possibilities for road trips in this area are countless... Pennsylvania counties, Maryland or New Jersey counties. Or if you wanted to be more ambitious, New England states, or Virginia/West Virginia. As I said... the possibilities are almost endless.

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