Saturday, July 17, 2010

Wargaming Entropy

My miniatures stuff is a mess. Disorganized clutter. Half finished projects. An abundance of partially painted figures. And it has gotten to the point that it is difficult to sit down and accomplish anything because of the mess.

Going to Historicon a couple of weeks ago was energizing, as it always is, and I came home wanting the dive into some painting. But with all the clutter, it's been hard to get started. So I have made a commitment to myself - I need to spend as much time as required between now and the end of July clearing the decks and getting organized. The single biggest thing I need to do is base figures. I have a couple of orders back from Sri Lanka that have been mounted on bases, but the bases are either not painted at all (bare wood) or have been painted but not flocked and finished. I also just got a batch of 15mm Napoleonics back that are still in baggies. And a bunch of 15mm Napoleonics from GAJO that I bought at Cold Wars and glued to bases but never finished. If I can get these all based properly and then packed away neatly, then maybe all the horizontal surfaces on my gaming table and painting table won't be covered by boxes and trays of "in process" figs. Then I can get back to something fun.

I really don't enjoy basing figs, but they aren't going to finish themselves. At least it doesn't look like they will; I've been waiting for months and it hasn't happened yet...

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