Wednesday, February 23, 2011

12 March, 1148

From the Journal of Reynaud of Aarma

"Sunset on this the Twelfth day of March, the year of our Lord 1148. It has been four years since I arrived on these shores and two years since I have been graced with the lands of Aarma. My two years here have been peaceful, and my daily work has been ruling these lands and not wielding a sword. But war has come from the East. Amir Habib ibn Hamad has been raiding into the borderlands, stealing livestock, robbing caravans and burning crops. Outriders from my neighbor Stephen of Yuval came to Aarma scant days ago with word of a force moving up the valley in my direction. I have called my men to me and marched to meet him beyond the borders of my lands. I will not see the toil of my time here undone. Nor shall I forsake the trust my lord Gilbert of Tyre has placed in me. I will do my duty. My scouts have found the Amir and his horsemen camped near the burning village of Houra, only a few miles hence. In the morning, he shall feel the wrath of our lances and the bite of our swords. Lord, may your blessings shine upon us on the Day of Battle."

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