Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cheerleading Competition - Feb 19, 2011

February has been a big month for my little cheerleaders. Julia's squad participated in two events over the last couple of weeks - one at Garnet Valley and one at Sun Valley High School in Aston today. Grace's team also participated in both of those, plus an additional one at the Chase Center on the Wilmington waterfront tomorrow.

BYC Spirit. I cry every time these girls perform and get a standing ovation (which they always do). Julia just loves performing with some of her best friends. And the degree to which the older girls on the BYC and Garnet Valley HS squads have "adopted" these girls is heartwarming.

BYC Pee Wees. Please don't drop my daughter...
Cheerleading couldn't be much further removed from anything I knew growing up, but I am very glad that my girls are involved in something that they enjoy, and something that is team oriented. These competitions are pretty serious, even at a young age (sometimes perhaps a bit more serious for some parents than is healthy, but you would run into the same thing in athletics or any other area I suppose).
One thing that I find amusing is how competitive Grace is. In her team's three competitions, they have placed 2nd out of 3, 2nd out of 4, and 4th out of 6. In each case, she has been very disappointed that they haven't done better. Which is good, I think, within reason. She enjoys it very much, and wants mom to sign her up for some gymnastics classes so she can be a better tumbler. She sees the bigger girls somersaulting and back flipping across the stage, and wants to be one of them. As long as she continues to have the interest, we will support her...

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