Sunday, August 14, 2011

Kitchen - Day 21 (8/14)

It's almost not fair to count this as day 21, although in terms of elapsed days since demolition began, that is the proper count. The first 5 days were very eventful, and then on day 8, the counter tops were templated for manufacture. In the two weeks it takes to cut the counter tops out of the stone slabs, only sporadic bits of progress have been made, mainly in the area of electrical work. Lights have been added and moved around, and the remainder of the work to prep for installing the hood over the range has been completed. Tomorrow should be a huge step forward toward being done, as the counter tops are being installed. This has been the critical path task that is holding up every other remaining task. It will be nice to be moving forward again, as I am getting very very sick of eating takeout and dining out.

Also today, we purchased and I installed an entire pantry full of Closet Maid Shelf Track adjustable wire shelving. I would probably prefer something other than wire shelving, but it is easy to clean in this kind of application as it doesn't collect dust readily. The modular/adjustable benefits are nice, and we have used it in bedrooms and been very happy. It isn't the cheapest stuff in the world, but it goes up easily, is very sturdy and is functional.

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