Monday, August 15, 2011

Kitchen - Day 22 (8/15)

Today: A huge step forward today, as the granite on the cabinets and the marble on the island are in, and they look fantastic. The place that did the countertops really did a great job of accounting for all the little irregularities in our kitchen (the never quite square walls), the tight tolerances around the appliances and every other piece of detail. It took about three hours for a team of three installers to finish everything, as there was one piece of countertop, the largest one on the sink side of the "L", that just didn't want to go in easily due to some irregularities in the shape of the bay window cutout. Some judicious trimming of moldings, cutting of drywall, and then good old fashioned brute force got it into place, and once the trim is touched up you would never know there was an issue. They also glued in the under mount sink, which will dry overnight and be ready for the plumber to work on it tomorrow.

Tomorrow: The plumber comes to complete the work required around the sink. This includes installation of the garbage disposal, putting in the faucet, hooking up all the water supply and drain lines, and then connecting the dishwasher output in through the disposal and drain system. When that is complete, we will have a functioning kitchen again, with running water and the ability to clean dishes. The plumber is also the one licensed to move the gas supply line behind the range to get that into place and hooked up. It has been sitting there disconnected since it was delivered on day 5 because it hasn't been hooked up. Without running water in the kitchen, there was no sense of urgency to get that done, as we wouldn't be cooking anyway.

If all goes well tomorrow, the remaining tasks will be limited to putting in the tile backsplash, installing the hood over the range, and then all the final detail work such as trim moldings and the like. Painting will be the very last step.

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