Friday, November 25, 2011

Painting Table

...also known as the dining room table. It seems that a few odds and ends have migrated out of the basement again. Oh well, it happens. Much to Amp's regret...

In and around the bits and pieces of historical stuff that I am working on, Grace and I are having fun painting a few fantasy buildings from Games Workshop. I'm not exactly sure what I plan on using them for, although perhaps more on that later, but the nice thing is that my 7-year old and I are painting them together. Painting these is really nothing more than an exercise in dry brushing, but Grace is picking it up pretty well and routinely asks me if we can paint something. How could I refuse an offer like that? Now if I could just teach her how to paint 15mm Napoleonics, I'd be all set. (All in good time I suppose...)

The buildings in the picture are "Dreadstone Blight" (a ruined wizard's tower) on the left, a watchtower in the back center, and a chapel and small outbuilding on the right. All are from the Warhammer scenery range, and are very nice kits. Building a plastic model kit of any kind brings me back to my childhood, and these were no exception. Plus, I have always enjoyed painting buildings; they look great with minimal effort.

Pictures of the finished product to be posted shortly (assuming we finish them!).

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