Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Jinx is On

Well, since making fun of Hurricane Sandy a few days ago, the storm has slowly been making its way up the coast, offshore, but is set to turn sharply northwest. Inland. Right at me. It is being called a hurricane meets a nor'easter meets a full moon high tide... making for what they are calling a storm of potential historic proportions, with unprecedented flooding. Lovely. The most recent predicted storm track I saw had the eye shifting a little south of what they were previously estimating. I think it now passes directly over my house sometime Tuesday morning.

School has been cancelled Monday and Tuesday already, they have declared pre-emptive states of emergency in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The governor of PA and the mayor of Philadelphia, among others, are urging evacuations from all low lying areas, and that all non-essential emergency personnel stay off the roads. The amount of rain we could get in one day would equal five feet of snow. Yikes.

For those in the US of a certain age, I am starting to feel like the person in the margarine commercial (many years ago) who fooled with Mother Nature.

I don't consider myself a big-time weather worrier, but they have been talking this up enough the past few days that I am prepared to camp in my house with no power for days if necessary. Some of that backpacking gear might come in handy after all if we need to rough it in our own house. Non-perishable food stocks, water and juice and Gatorade, water filtration, all laundry done, battery supplies full, everything charged, cars gassed up...

An overcast rainy and breezy day today is supposed to deteriorate tomorrow throughout the day, peaking overnight and into Tuesday morning. But where and when the storm actually goes, nobody knows.

And now we wait.

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