Thursday, August 15, 2013

Avalon NJ Vacation, Day 2

Wednesday August 14, Day 2

Day 2 of our little vacation was a day full of sun and sand. And despite lots of good sunscreen, some mild sunburn for a few of us...

Geocaching in the dunes
Because of last night's late trip to the Wildwood boardwalk, we didn't get an early start, but were down at the pool by midmorning. We spent a couple hours lounging by the pool while the kids swam before everybody started to get hungry and the kids got anxious to get to the beach. We ate a quick lunch back in our room and then gathered our gear for the beach. It was a lot more crowded than the day before, and was a beautiful sunny day, with a nice ocean breeze and temperature around 75. Just about perfect in other words.

After getting everyone settled at the beach and doing some wave jumping with Julia, I went to do some geocaching. On the Avalon/Stone Harbor island, there were around 20 or so easy caches that had been found recently. I knew I only had time to find a few of them, but it was nice to get out at least a little, and I ended up finding 6 (including a virtual cache) and searching for and being unable to find 1 other. This took a leisurely two hours, and I was back on the beach by 3:30.

Mini golf
By this time the kids were full of sand and asking to go back to the pool, so we spent another two hours there, lounging swimming and snacking. Over-snacking really, since we had planned for a 7pm dinner at a place on the other end of the island. After we had showered, gotten changed and driven to the restaurant, nobody was hungry yet. We ended up wandering along Dune Avenue in the 20's and stopping to play miniature golf, which was pretty comical. I think it is fair to say that we don't have any golf prodigies in the family. When we were done golfing, we couldn't get into the restaurant (which doesn't take reservations), so we headed back to the hotel and ate another very good meal there. The kids wanted to go to the boardwalk again, but it was already after 10, so we ended up going back to our rooms for the night.

Tomorrow's general plan was for some swimming and perhaps a side trip to drive through Cape May on the way home, but we'll have to see how everyone feels in the morning.

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